LSAT Dates

While testing dates for the LSAT are available throughout the year, it is important for students to note that testing is not available on a regular basis, nor are there many dates to choose from throughout the school year.

Although there is no set time that students must take the LSAT, other than those dictated by the law schools they apply to enter, it is generally recommended that students take the LSAT by the December before the fall semester the student intends to start. This allows time for scoring and transmission of scores to law schools in time for admission considerations. However, there are often benefits to taking the LSAT earlier in the year; many advisors suggest taking the LSAT in June or October, thus giving students more time to prepare if needed.

Because of the complex intellectual nature of the material, and the amount of information that students will need to be able to process, the LSAC highly recommends that all students thoroughly prepare before taking the LSAT, even if they have high confidence in their mastery of the material. Although the LSAC does not recommend specific methods of preparation, students have a wide array of preparation options available to choose from, including practice exams, private and online tutoring, and courses designed to refresh and instruct students in the material and skills needed to succeed on the LSAT. In addition, the LSAC also makes several documents available through admission counselors and through their Web site, including guides on registering, sample exams, ethical rules and regulations students must follow during the examination and study materials to help students review for the LSAT.

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