LSAT Score

You will receive your LSAT score about three weeks after the day of the exam. You can request to have the score report sent to by email or by post. A small fee is charged to those who wish to receive a hard copy of their LSAT score report in the mail. The information contained on the score report is fairly simple. Your LSAT score is based on the number of questions answered correctly. All the questions on the LSAT have exactly the same value. Also, the value of an unanswered question is the same as the value of a question answered incorrectly.

On the LSAT, then, it is always better to take your best guess rather than leave a question unanswered. Your LSAT score can only go up when you answer a question. The number of questions answered correctly is called the raw score. This score is converted into a score on a scale from 120 to 180 using an algorithm that accounts for the relative difficulty of test versions. Once an LSAT score is computed, it becomes a part of your permanent record. When you receive an official score report, whether online or through the mail, it will include not only your most recent scores but up to twelve previous scores as well as your average score. All of this LSAT score information is made available to law school admissions departments.