LSAT Scores

The LSAT scores displayed on the official LSAT score report may be a bit confusing at first. The official score report, which you may either access online or receive in the mail, will feature your most recent score, placed on a scale from 120 to 180. The score will be accompanied by a score band, which indicates the range within which your actual proficiency is believed to fall. LSAT scores are thought to be extremely accurate, but the LSAC nevertheless strives to give you the most comprehensive depiction of your aptitude.

The test administrator is aware that specific numerical scores can sometimes be deceptively high or low, so the score bands are included to suggest a broader range within which your scores can be confidently said to fall. In addition, your score will be given a percentile rank, indicating the percentage of other test-takers who scored lower than you. If you are in the 74th percentile, in other words, you have scored better than 74 percent of all other test-takers. The official score report also includes information about any previous attempts at the LSAT. All of your previous LSAT scores, as well as the average of all these scores, are assigned score bands and percentile ranks.