Certain behavior is prohibited during the LSAT test. For instance, you are not allowed to use a pen to underline or highlight text in the exam booklet. You are, however, allowed to mark passages in the test book with a pencil or highlighter. You are allowed to keep these items, as well as erasers, an analog wristwatch, and tissues, on your desk during the LSAT test, but all other materials are forbidden. Electronic devices of all kinds, tobacco, and earplugs are prohibited. You may not wear a hat or a hooded garment unless you are required to do so for religious reasons.

You may not keep a briefcase, backpack, or purse with you during the LSAT test. However, you may bring a transparent one-gallon zip-lock bag to hold your identification, wallet, keys, watch, drink, snack, tissues, and test supplies. You must sit in the seat assigned to you at the beginning of the testing session. You must be on time or you will not be admitted to the testing center. After completing the third section of the LSAT test, you will be given a break of about ten or fifteen minutes. During this time, you may walk around the room, get a drink of water, and use the restroom.