There are a few formalities you must observe in taking the LSATs. For one thing, you must be sure to bring your admission ticket with you on the day of the exam. You may receive an admission ticket in the mail or you may print out a copy from the Internet; in either case, you are required to bring a hard copy of the ticket to the testing location. Your admission ticket for the LSATs will contain the following important information: date and location of the test, test center instructions, and important procedures for the test. When you register at the testing center on the day of the exam, you will be asked to review the information on your admission ticket and then sign it. If any of the information on your admission ticket is incorrect, or if there is any problem with the registration process, you may be barred from taking the LSATs that day.

What to Expect on the LSAT

To minimize the chance of trouble with your admission ticket, you should look it over carefully prior to the exam to ensure that all the information it contains is correct and current. Along with your admission ticket, you will need to present appropriate identification in order to take the LSATs. Your identification must have been issued by the government and must include a recent photograph, signature, and your first and last name as they are spelled on your admission ticket. Most students use a driver’s license or a passport. The LSATs do not accept the following forms of identification: Social Security card, expired driver’s license, employee identification, and student identification. Finally, be sure to bring a few sharp #2 pencils with you to the testing center. You may not use a mechanical pencil on the LSATs.